Species of Concern

LISI, along with its partner organisations have compiled a list of species of concern. This list is specific to the London area and aims to provide direction and a means of prioritisation for land managers by grouping species into different management categories.

The experience of relevant professionals, land managers and researchers has been used to inform the species list to ensure that it is accurate. The list is reviewed quarterly and comments on the list are gratefully received. A table of the categories has been included below.

Category Description:

Category 1: Species not currently present in London but present nearby or of concern because of the high risk of negative impacts should they arrive.
Category 2: Species of high impact or concern present at specific sites that require attention (control, management, eradication etc).
Category 3: Species of high impact or concern which are widespread in London and require concerted, coordinated and extensive action to control/eradicate.
Category 4: Species which are widespread for which eradication is not feasible but where avoiding spread to other sites may be required.
Category 5: Species for which insufficient data or evidence was available from those present to be able to priorities
Category 6: Species that were not currently considered to pose a threat or have the potential to cause problems in London.

Download the LISI species of concern here.