Survey Guidance

The London Invasive Species Initiative (LISI) and Greenspace information for Greater London CIC (GiGL) have worked with a range of partners on developing a means of recording invasive species within the Greater London area.

Why collect data using one format?

Data collected in the same format but by different organisations are able to ‘speak’ to each other. This allows us to prioritise invasive non-native species management and monitor trends across the Greater London area. It also allows land managers to place their reserves into a London-wide context which can inform their site management.

All data, unless you specify otherwise, will be sent to the National Biodiversity Network Gateway (NBNG) so that it can inform national policies and planning.

Who can use this format?

This format is adaptable for organisations and collectors, though it is initially aimed at people already collecting species information. We hope it will allow you to collect the data in whichever method is most appropriate for you and only specifies the format in which the data are recorded. This will enable Greenspace information for Greater London CIC (GiGL) to store, query and share the data with volunteers and partners. It also provides a framework for collecting invasive non-native species data to anyone that requires it.

What has been created?

We have provided a way to collect invasive non-native species data by simply highlighting the format that the data should be recorded in.

This includes:
• Online recording sheet (for one off or intermittent records)
• Printable field sheet – for easy use in the field
• Electronic spread sheet for those with more records

Although we are currently focusing on the species on the species of concern list we are happy for you to include information on any species as it will all be entered into the GiGL database.

How do I get the data to LISI?

Information can be sent into LISI and GiGL via any one of three different ways:

  1. Using the online recording form
  2. By sending in your completed field sheets by post to:
    London Invasive Species Initiative
    c/o London Wildlife Trust
    Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road
    London SW1P 2AF
  3. Or, by emailing your completed electronic or scanned printed forms to

To ensure that the information is not accidentally duplicated, please send the information to us using only one of these methods. Different data can be submitted via different methods.

Please read through the instructions and, if you require assistance, please feel free to get in contact at

Download the LISI-template-invasives-record-sheet here.