Surveying & Reporting INNS

People and organisations collects data for different reasons in different ways and store it in many different places.

Data on species and habitats are important for London-wide analysis and can provide a broader understanding of invasive non-native species. They are crucial for prioritising, reporting and monitoring invasive non-native species management.

LISI is partnered with, and indeed hosted by, Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL), London’s Environmental Records Centre. GiGL collate, manage and make available detailed information on London’s wildlife, parks, nature reserves, gardens and other open spaces. By partnering with GiGL, LISI can be sure that the data we collect are being managed and stored in the best possible way and are better able to inform action.

LISI and GiGL are keen to encourage people to record and report invasive non-native species, and to keep us informed of any management work.