Infrastructure Bill receives Royal Assent

As people may have already seen, a few weeks ago the Infrastructure Bill received Royal Assent meaning that species control agreements and orders are possible in England and Wales from April 2015 when the legislation comes into force.

For those interested the legislation can be found here. 

This is a step towards wider scale management of key invasive non-native species. These orders will make it possible for environmental authorities to enter control orders with landowners to ensure action can be taken against harmful species, either to eradicate, control or prevent the return of an invasive non-native species. Under certain circumstances, it will compel land owners or occupiers to carry out control or eradication operations, or allow them to be carried out by the issuing authority.

So what will happen now? At present the Secretary of State is drafting a code of practice as required under the new legislation. This will provide more detailed information on species control agreements and orders and how they will function. This will be publicly consulted, although we will need to wait until after the looming elections and purdah to pass before consultation starts.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us on our contacts page and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Added: 25th February 2015