Equipment available

Purchasing equipment required to manage some invasive species can be expensive, and considering it’s generally not required all year round it can be difficult to set aside those resources. So with the aim of making these resources easier to access, LISI has purchased some specific equipment that can be borrowed.

The equipment:
At present we have a limited number of Japanese knotweed injector systems for loan, see picture.

Who can borrow it:
At present we are able to loan these free of charge to not-for profit organisations and community groups etc. that are working to manage invasive species within London. After July however we will need to charge a small fee to allow us to continue to provide access to these resources. Please note that anyone borrowing equipment for carrying out commercial works will be charged. LISI reserves the right to refuse any request that it deems inappropriate on a case by case basis.

How do I borrow it:
It’s easy to borrow the equipment; all you need to do is get in contact with us to talk about your requirements. As a licence is required to use pesticide within the UK, we are only able to provide the equipment to those that are able to provide proof of having obtained one and a licence number will need to be provided.

We have included a complete checklist below to highlight the steps involved:
1. Get in contact with LISI regarding your requirements at
2. Make sure that the treatment you are proposing is appropriate.
3. Book in the time you would like to borrow the equipment, and receive confirmation.
4. Review and return signed and completed terms and conditions form.
5. Ensure you have all the required licences/permits etc. and all the required OH&S and COSH assessments etc.
6. Come to collect the equipment from LISI, we are based in London Wildlife Trust’s office in Westminster
7. Pick a day with appropriate weather and carryout works.
8. Clean equipment.
9. Fill out all appropriate paperwork.
10. Return clean equipment and all paperwork required to LISI.
11. Report Japanese knotweed records and management to LISI via our online form here
12. Monitor site for regrowth and report progress to LISI at