November 2014

Issue Number: 3

Hi, Everyone,

Well, with the coming of winter we are seeing a noticeable change in the invasive non-native species seen out and about.

Also quite a few publications have come out in November, good for some rainy day reading!

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News this month

As usual, below is an assortment of information and updates from the work on invasive non-native species this past month.

Quagga Mussel and Biosecurity Workshop: was held on the 27th November with over 30 participants, notes form this meeting will be available. If you are interested in receiving a copy please email me and I will forward through the link when it’s ready.

Alien amphibian and reptiles species in the UK:   a booklet produced by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) now available for download at

National Crayfish Conference – set for August 2015 by the Applied Ecology Trust and Environment Agency. Information and call for papers here:

Reminder for Winter Records – as LISI have a specific invasive species recording page for one off records. Its mobile friendly so it can be used while out and about. Located at

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