London Invasive Species Initiative

Invasive non-native species (INNS) are one of the largest threats to global biodiversity after habitat loss and destruction. They cost the British economy an estimated £1.7 billion annually and Europe in excess of €12 billion annually. The London Invasive Species Initiative (LISI) has been created to help address these environmental and economic problems within the Greater London area.

Latest News

GB Invasive Non-native Species Strategy 2015

The Great Britain Invasive Non-native Species Strategy 2015 updates and replaces the original Strategy published in 2008. Broadly the Strategy summarises the success since the original plan and sets out objectives and key actions for the future. The Strategy has benefited greatly from the extensive input of a wide range of stakeholders and can be […]

Case Studies

Rapid response required – Johnson grass in central London

London is unique in regards to invasive non-native species as new and previously unseen species often establish first in our urban landscape. One such species, Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense), is already known as a highly invasive species in other locations throughout the world. Johnson grass has become naturalised in areas of the United States of America. It […]